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Grant Tregay and Ernö Rubik's Cube

My cube related links page has gotten very out of date, referencing an old Yahoo group that's all but defunct, so I did a bit of cleanup and even added a couple new links. Some of these sites may be a bit stale (admittedly, like my own), but they still exist, at this point. Maybe some day I'll really bring this place up to date... or not.

I've had a couple requests for my megaminx solution, lately, and rather than updating a lengthy e-mail that I've sent out previously, I decided to finally put it up on my website, though it will exist in a rather plain format for now. To see how I approach solving the megaminx, click here, or on the "Megaminx Solution" link at the left from any page.

Well... I started putting together this section of my site near the end of 2002, and it has hardly changed at all. Finally, though, now that the 2003 World Championships are more than a month behind us, I'm posting some WC related content. For now, I have posted two articles that appeared in local (Toronto) newspapers the day after the championships. Hopefully, I'll get around to adding my pictures of the event to that page sometime soon.

This is just the beginning of what I anticipate will become quite a lot of Rubik's cube related information. My vision for this page is to show how I approach the solution for the Rubik's cube (in all it's variations - 2x2x2, 3x3x3, etc.) and other puzzles, as well as videos showing my speed cubing ability.

First up, a couple samples of me solving cubes (2x2x2, 3x3x3, and 4x4x4) and the megaminx. Second, I've just added a description of my first blindfolded cube. You may need to read up on the move notation and terminology sections to understand it.

As I add content, I'll keep adding to the links on the left.

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