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Solving Videos

So, you don't believe that I can solve the Rubik's cube? Well pick a puzzle from those listed below and watch me solve it. Just pick the puzzle you want to see me solve (and how fast you want to see me solve it) and decide how long you want to wait for the download, then click on the link for a video. Obviously, the bigger the file, the better the quality, but I understand the pains of being on a slow internet connection, so I'll let you choose your file size.

Sorry about the image quality, but my only means of making a video is my webcam, and I don't have a whole lot of control over how the video comes out. That said, if you have a fast internet connection (eg DSL/cable modem or better), the wait for the highest quality clip is worth it; it's a much better picture. I haven't put videos on my site ever before, and I was having some problems with the links below, so you may need to save them (Right-click and select Save As) instead of just clicking on the link. These play with my version of windows media player, but I can't make any promises. Enjoy!

Puzzle Time (mm:ss.00) Extra Small File Low Quality Medium Quality High Quality

2x2x2 Cube
14.76 51 KB 77 KB 217 KB 622 KB
15.12 53 KB 79 KB 221 KB 634 KB
19.08 66 KB 99 KB 275 KB 799 KB

3x3x3 Cube
27.64 94 KB 142 KB 385 KB 1.09 MB
30.44 101 KB 154 KB 420 KB 1.18 MB
31.58 104 KB 158 KB 433 KB 1.22 MB

4x4x4 Cube
2:20.70 458 KB 681 KB 1.86 MB 5.38 MB
2:27.57 478 KB 712 KB 1.94 MB 5.61 MB
2:36.87 508 KB 755 KB 2.06 MB 5.96 MB

2:38.84 516 KB 769 KB 2.10 MB 6.05 MB
2:41.77 526 KB 783 KB 2.14 MB 6.17 MB

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